Web Importer Not Working Correctly in Firefox

Follow these troubleshooting instructions below.

1. Empty the temp files (cache) and cookies for Firefox.

See these instructions:

2. Check that Firefox is allowing third-party cookies.

MasterCook sets a third-party cookie in your web browser in order for the web importer to function. See how Firefox can block it:

Make sure you enable third-party cookies for

3. Restart Firefox and verify everything is working correctly now.

Go to this web page:

Blended Bellinis - Rachael Ray In Season

Use the Add to MasterCook bookmarklet with this recipe and see if it works.

CAUTION: if you have a program that wipes out cookies for your web browser such as an internet security program or web browser add-ons, it could prevent the web importer from working correctly. Disable any security-type add-ons and see if that solves the problem. One add-on that caused a problem for a MasterCook user is Privacy Badger.

If you still have problems, feel free to contact us at MasterCook Support.

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