Web Importer Not Working Correctly in Firefox

Follow these troubleshooting instructions below.

Empty the temp files (cache) and cookies for Firefox.

1. Select Clear Recent History from the History menu in Firefox.
2. Select Everything for the time range at the top.
3. Clear all checkmarks from the boxes. Add a checkmark to Cookies and also Cache.
4. Press the Clear Now button. Wait for Firefox to do that. Restart Firefox.


Check that Firefox is allowing third-party cookies. The web importer works by placing a cookie for Firefox for the website you are importing from.

1. Select Options from the Options menu in Firefox.
2. Go to the Privacy tab.
3. Underneath History click on Firefox will: Use Custom Settings for History.
4. Add a checkmark for Accept Cookies from Sites.
5. Select Accept third-party cookies: Always.
6. Press OK.

(Another option is to allow ONLY to use cookies.)


Restart Firefox and verify everything is working correctly now. Go to this web page:

Use the Add to MasterCook bookmarklet with this recipe and see if it works.

CAUTION: if you have a program that wipes out cookies for your web browser such as an internet security program or web browser add-ons, it could prevent the web importer from working correctly. Disable any security-type add-ons and see if that solves the problem. One add-on that caused a problem for a MasterCook user is Privacy Badger.

If you still have problems, feel free to contact us at MasterCook Support.

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