Web Import Doesn't Work on Some Web Sites or Pages

The web importer is dependent entirely on how well the web page is written in HTML code. (The web importer reads the HTML code of a web page and not what you see on the web page.) Some web pages are better formatted than others, and some websites are better than others. Google has a recipe formatting standard as explained below that the web importer uses.

Sometimes a "print" view of a recipe will import if it loads that print view in a web page. You might give that a try too.

If the web importer isn’t able to grab text on certain websites, you can copy right from the web page and paste directly into the web import window. (For example, copy the list of ingredients that you see on a web page. Paste them into the Ingredients text box in the web import window.) That’s what many people do with websites that don’t always work cleanly. Most websites and food bloggers are using the standard recipe formatting that the web importer reads, but not all websites are on board just yet. It’s to their advantage because it also makes their recipes appear better at Google. See this:

You can write to the website that you are trying to use. Give them the URL above. Request they start using the recipe formatting that many others are using today.

If you come across a website that doesn't seem to work with the web import, you can report them to us at MasterCook Support. In the meantime you can still import those recipes into MasterCook. You can either use the Import Assistant or copy/paste from a web page right into a new recipe in MasterCook as demonstrated below. You can also drag/drop text between the web page and a new recipe in MasterCook.

You can even get it to import all of the ingredients at one time too. For example, select all of the ingredient lines of the recipe and copy them.


Then create a new recipe in MasterCook. Place your cursor into the Amount column of the first ingredient row.


Then select Paste Text Into Ingredient from the Edit menu.


It will paste all of those ingredients into the ingredient rows in MasterCook.


You can also right click on a photo on a web page and copy it and paste it directly into the photo box in the upper right corner of a new recipe in MasterCook.



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