Importing Recipes Using an Android Device

How can I import recipes from the web with my Android tablet or phone?

At this time web browsers for certain devices, such as Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android, etc. don’t have a bookmarks bar so you can’t drag the new Add to MasterCook bookmarklet to it.

However, you can copy this code:

javascript: (function () { var x = document.createElement('script'); x.type = 'text/javascript'; var thisHref = window.location.protocol.toLowerCase(); if (thisHref.indexOf('https') >= 0) { x.src = ''; } else if (thisHref.indexOf('http') >= 0) { x.src = '' + encodeURIComponent(window.location.href); } else { x.src = '//'; } document.body.appendChild(x); })();

Then, browse to a web page containing a recipe you want to capture, paste that code into the ADDRESS bar of the Android web browser to replace the URL of the recipe. At this point the web import window will appear over the top of the recipe showing on the web page still and allow you to import the recipe. See details below with screenshots.

Furthermore, you can use Option #3 on this web page:

1. Browse to a recipe on your Android device.




2. Copy the javascript text on the Import Recipe from the Web page.



3. Select the recipe's URL in the Address bar.



4. Paste the javascript text to replace the recipe's URL.



5. The MasterCook Web Import window will appear over the top of the recipe on the web page. You can now edit the text within the web import window.



6. Press the Save button within the web import window.



7. It reports it successfully imported it to your account at Select the "View the Recipe at" link in the web import window.



8. You can see the recipe is now in your account at



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