Using the Web Importer

To use it please follow these instructions below or watch the two videos:


First, make sure you have created an account at by using the Registration page:

Note: A free account allows you to add/store up to 25 recipes for 30 days as a trial. A paid account allows you to store much more. You can verify your subscription status in the center of your My MasterCook Home page. Free accounts will be closed if you don't purchase a subscription since they cost MasterCook money, and we don't have advertising on our website at this time to supplement income. Most other foodie websites have tons of ads that offset their costs.


Then follow these steps:

1. Go to this web page:

2. Under Option 1 drag the yellow Add to MasterCook button to your web browser's toolbar. This adds a bookmarklet link in your toolbar that says Add to MasterCook. (See the last image below on this web page.)

3. Visit a recipe web page such as this one: Blended Bellinis

4. Click on the Add to MasterCook bookmarklet link in your toolbar. This brings up the web import window. Sign into your account if prompted.

5. After clicking on the Add to MasterCook bookmarklet and you are signed into your account, the recipe should populate the web import window. Please review all text in this window and make any desired edits.

6. At the bottom of the web import window press the SAVE button. This saves the recipe to your account at

 When you import a recipe using the MasterCook Web Import a cookie is set in your web browser for that website. This allows you to return to the website and import other recipes without being asked to log into your account each time. Therefore, make sure your web browser accepts cookies. Keep in mind that you will be asked to log into your account at if you use another web browser since a cookie will need to be created for that web browser and website.


If you have problems using the web import window, first try it on a website that is known to work such as Blended Bellinis. If you continue to have problems try another web browser to find out if you have the problem with more than one web browser. If you still need help submit a ticket to MasterCook Support: Please provide the URL (web page address) to the recipe that is not working for you.

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