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If you are using Chrome or Edge there is a brand new add-on for those browsers. Edge allows you to use Chrome add-ons.

  1. Go to the Chrome Web Store and search for MasterCook.
  2. When viewing the MasterCook extension at the Chrome Web Store, click on the Add To Chrome button (works from Edge too) to download and install the new add-on to Chrome or Edge. (If you haven't previously added a Google add-on to Edge, at the top of the screen in the blue bar click to allow extensions in Edge.)
  3. Watch the videos below that show how to use it.

This video below shows you how to get the new MasterCook add-on for Chrome or Edge and then use it.


If you come across a website where the recipe isn't importing to your satisfaction, don't fret! Our developers are currently working on the recipe capture algorithm to improve its accuracy. They will continue updating it. Until then you can use the manual import option as demonstrated in the video below.


This video below shows you how to use the new Manual Import option.



In Firefox, right click on the Bookmarks bar at the top of the screen and select New Bookmark.

Type "Add To MasterCook" as the Name.

Copy/paste this text in the paragraph of code below into the Location text box:

javascript: (function () { var x = document.createElement('script'); x.type = 'text/javascript'; var thisHref = window.location.protocol.toLowerCase(); if (thisHref.indexOf('https') >= 0) { x.src = ''; } else if (thisHref.indexOf('http') >= 0) { x.src = '' + encodeURIComponent(window.location.href); } else { x.src = '//'; } document.body.appendChild(x); })();

Press the Save button. See screenshot below.

Next, go to this recipe in Firefox:

While viewing that recipe press your new Add To MasterCook bookmark that you added to test it out.

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