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How do I upload my cookbook of recipes or just individual recipes from MasterCook for Windows to


To upload selected recipes or a cookbook of recipes to you will first need to export your recipes from the MasterCook PC app as .MZ2 files. This is done by:

1. Select Export and Mail from the File menu in MasterCook and click on the Folder tab in the Export and Mail window that appears.
2. At the top of the Export tab select the folder on your computer where you wish for it to save the MZ2 file.
3. Use the MasterList to select all the recipes you want and drag/drop them into the box in the Export and Mail window. (You drag the recipe titles in the RIGHT pane of the MasterList window and drop them into the box in the Export and Mail window.) See this image:

4. Under Export Options be sure you have MC 14 Format With Images (*.MZ2) selected.
5. Down at the bottom of the Export and Mail window make sure you use the Single File setting and type in a name for the .mz2 file that will be created with all of those recipes inside that one .mz2 file.

WARNING: Right now there is a problem with uploading .mz2 files if the recipes have assigned cuisines. Create a new cookbook in MasterCook. Copy your recipes into this new cookbook. Remove the cuisines from the cookbook. Select Modify > Cuisines from the Tools menu while viewing this cookbook. Remove all of the cuisines listed. Then export to .mz2 and see if uploading works better.



GREAT JOB! Now you have successfully exported your recipes from MasterCook on the computer. Now it is time to upload them to your account at

6. After you are finished exporting from MasterCook on the computer log into

7. Click on My MasterCook in the top left and select My Cookbooks. It will take you here: My Cookbooks 
8. There should be a text box to create a name for a new cookbook. Create a name you would like and click create if you would like to create a new cookbook.
9. Click the Upload option after creating your a cookbook or select one of the cookbooks already created.
10. A pop up window should appear with a select file button. Click this button then select the MZ2 file you exported.
11. After selecting your file click Upload.

The limit of recipes you can store on is 100,000.

If you want to view your recipes from your tablets or phones while offline, generally the web browsers on those devices allow you to save web pages for offline reading. You can view your recipe at your account and save it for offline reading to view them when you don't have internet access.

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