MasterCook 15 Update Most Current Version

When I attempt to print or open files with MasterCook 15, the program shuts down.


If you are using the most current version and don't need to update, then please go to the Print window. Make sure Letter is selected for the paper size. If it is currently blank it can cause a problem.

Otherwise, perform both of these things below. Before you install the update, please restart the computer and do NOT use MasterCook.

1. Download the Update

The latest MasterCook 15 update solves the problem. Go to the My MasterCook Manager screen on the computer. Go to the My MasterCook tab. You should see the update listed there with a download link. If not restart your computer and start up MasterCook 15 and go to the My MasterCook Manager screen and try again.


2. Check DLL files

Additionally the update creates a new file (FWBaseMc.dll) on the computer and attempts to delete the old one. However, your computer may prevent that old one from being deleted, and you may need to delete it manually. So, if you continue to have problems you will need to delete the old .dll file. Open this folder on your computer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MasterCook 15\Program

Open the C drive. Open the Program Files (x86) folder. Open the MasterCook 15 folder. Open the Program folder.

Do you find a FWBase.dll file inside this folder? If so, close/exit MasterCook. Delete that DLL file. (Do NOT delete the FWBaseMc.dll file though because it's the new one.) Then start up MasterCook and see if that helps. 

Again, there are likely two files inside that Program folder:


Make sure you ONLY delete the one with the SHORTER name.


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