Cookbooks Included with MasterCook 15 Don't Appear in the Sync Screen

In the Sync screen I don't see the collections and cookbooks that come with the program, so I can't sync them.

By design the included cookbooks don't sync. It's meant to sync your personal cookbooks/recipes. You can circumvent it though. Go to the Cookbooks screen in MasterCook 15 on the computer. Use the Manage Collections command from the Tools menu. Select one of those collections in the drop down menu at the top. Then press the Remove button. This does not delete them from the computer, but it will remove them from the program. When you add them back by using the Add button in the same window, they will appear in the program and in the Sync screen.

In the Manage Collections window select the collection folder and press the Add button.

They are at this location on the computer:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\MasterCook 15

In the Manage Collections window click on the C drive. Click on the Users folder. Click on the Public folder. Click on the Public Documents folder. Click on the MasterCook 15 folder. Then select one of the listed collection folders and press the ADD button. Now they will be added back to the program.

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