Program Shuts Down when Editing or Adding a Recipe

Go to the Cookbooks screen. Select New Cookbook from the File menu. Are you able to create a new cookbook? Can you add a recipe to that new cookbook?

A: I'm able to add a new cookbook but not recipes.

Check your Language and Regional settings for the computer. Make sure they are set for English (United States). The regional setting seems to affect it the most. (Apparently once you get the program working, you can go back and change the settings to what they were.)

Open up the Windows Control Panel. Select Clock, Language, and Region. Click on Language. What does it say there? Go back to Clock, Language, and Region. Click on Region. What does it say there under format?

See screenshots below. Otherwise, check the Administrative Language settings as explained below.





Another user reports this solution:

The solution is accessed from “Administrative language settings” on the Language screen.  The language for non-Unicode programs was set to Hebrew on my system.  Changing it to English (United States) solved the problem.


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