Downloading Trending Recipes/My Web Recipes

I am not able to download any recipes from the Trending Recipes section of the website.

I have them saved to My Web Recipes and then download to MasterCook directly into the cookbook of my choice. I get the following message "Unable to recognize any recipes in this file". I then tried to download and save rather than open and still get the same message. I am however, able to go to the website where the recipe originally came from and download directly into the proper cookbook in my MasterCook program w/o any hassle. What's wrong?

It's because they are not complete recipes. When you view a trending recipe you will see it's only part of the recipe. The directions are not included. When you save it, it saves it to a special cookbook called My Web Recipes. Those are just saved Trending Recipes. However, if you view the complete recipe at its own website and import the recipe into your account that will work. See this:


Can't Access My Web Recipes

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