Cookbooks from Older MasterCook Don't Show up in Merge

Some of my recipes and cookbooks from an older version of MasterCook do not show up in Merge.

Windows 8 (and 7 and Vista) moves your files in MasterCook 9, 8, 7, and 6 to a hidden location on the computer. Because they have been moved to a hidden location on your computer, make sure you tell Windows 8 to show all hidden files and folders on the computer as explained here:

Then the Merge for MasterCook 15 will be able to locate them in that hidden location. After telling Windows 8 to show you hidden files and folders on the computer, go the Merge screen. Select Find MasterCook Files In: Search Specific Folder. A new window should appear called Browse For Folder. Select This PC. Then select the C drive. Press OK. It should search your entire computer and find those files that Windows moved from MasterCook 9.


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