Copy/Move Recipes into Another Cookbook

How can I copy or move recipes from one cookbook and into another?

This video below shows you how to copy recipes into another cookbook.

There are several options.

Using Copy/Paste

You copy recipes from one cookbook and into another. Open a cookbook so you are looking at the recipe titles. Use the Select All command from the Edit menu. Then use the Copy Recipes command from the Edit menu. (If you get an error message it's just telling you that you selected too many to paste into another program. You aren't doing that, so ignore that warning.) Then open the destination cookbook and paste them in.

Using Two MasterList Windows

You can open two MasterList windows (See the MasterList link in the upper right corner of MasterCook on the computer.) and drag from one cookbook in one window to another cookbook in another window. You can assign categories at the same time as well. The recipes will be assigned the category that is selected that you are dropping them into. If the All category is selected to drop into, it doesn't get assigned any category.



Select MasterList from the navigation bar at the top of the MasterCook screen. To open a second MasterList window, in the MasterList window that appears select Open New MasterList from its File menu. In the first MasterList window open the cookbook that contains the recipes. In the 2nd MasterList window open the cookbook and select its category in the left pane of that window. Drag recipes from the right pane of the first MasterList window and into the right pane of the 2nd MasterList window. Only drag/drop to/from the right panes of both windows. Only use the left panes to navigate and select things.

Other Options

You can also drag/drop between the MasterList and an opened cookbook in the main MasterCook window.

You can also open two MasterCook screens (select New Windows from the File menu) and open a cookbook in one and a different cookbook in another. Drag/drop between them.


TIP: Once you have copied the recipes to their destination go back to the source cookbook and delete them from it if you want them permanently removed from their original location.

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