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I use a separate cookbook as a food journal. How do I get the proper serving size and its calories to show when I embed a recipe? Example: If I embed a recipe for Taco Filling, which shows 105 calories per serving (12 servings total) it shows a calorie count of 1260 added to the journal instead of 210 which would be the correct amount for 2 servings. Can you help me so that it will reflect the correct amount?

You need to have the Yield fields populated correctly in the embedded recipe and use that unit in the main recipe.

For example, you would put something like 4 cups in the Yield field for a Frosting recipe (see the upper right area of the recipe edit screen). Then in the Cake recipe you would embed the Frosting recipe in the ingredients of the Cake recipe and make sure you use something like 1 cup in the Amount and Unit fields for that embedded ingredient row.

In your case you would put 12 servings in the Yield field (upper right corner) of the Taco Filling recipe. Then in a recipe such as Tacos which is going to use 2 of those servings, you would embed the Taco Filling recipe and use 2 servings for the Amount and Unit fields. See below screenshots for examples.





1. Open a recipe so you are viewing it in the editor screen. Click on the triangle icon along the left. Pick Embed Recipe.

2. Then select the recipe you wish to embed.

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