Import Results Show Broken Links

When I download a cookbook from to MasterCook I get an Import Results window with a list of recipes that show broken links. How do I fix this?

You just need to relink the recipes. Follow the steps below.


1. Select one of the recipes listed in the Import Results window, such as Empañapita shown below.



2. Open the Empañapita recipe as shown below. Select/highlight the Tangy Salsa ingredient line. Right click (not the normal left click) on the ingredient row and select Embed Recipe.



3. When the Embed Recipe window appears in the left pane select the Fun Family Recipes. In the right pane select the Tangy Salsa recipe. Press the Replace Recipe button.



They are now successfully relinked. The program is unable to relink embedded recipes when they are exported and imported, as happens when transferring from online to MasterCook 14. This is why you get the Import Results window, so you are able to re-embed/relink them.

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