Adjusting Font Size

How do I adjust the font size of the recipes on my screen?

If you have MasterCook 22, it allows you to increase the font size of several more screens than in previous versions of MasterCook in addition to these listed below. See: What's New in MasterCook 22

Furthermore, in MasterCook 24 the font of the MasterList screen was increased. All of the screens in MasterCook are independently controlled.

RECIPE EDITOR (MasterCook 14 and greater)

If you want to adjust the font size of the Recipe Edit screen (Pencil icon in taskbar at the right) you do that by selecting Preferences from the Edit menu. You will find the font size setting within the Cookbook/Recipe tab.




If you want to adjust the font size of the Recipe Display screen (4th icon down in the navigation bar along the right) you use the Customize Cookbook command. (Open a cookbook. Select Customize Cookbook from the Tools menu.) Use the Page Display tab within that window.




 If you want to adjust the font size of printed recipes select a different print design in the Print window. The Large Print Menu is a popular one to use.

Or, you can edit any of the print templates as explained in our Editing a Print Design article.



Windows has a built-in Magnifier because all programs have this issue. To activate the magnifier, press and hold the Windows logo key on your keyboard and press the + key on your keyboard. See these instructions as well:

Additionally, your computer and its monitor control the size of the entire program and its screens. On a laptop for example the screen makes fonts very small. However, if you plug your laptop into an external monitor, everything is much larger and easier to read.

You can adjust the screen resolution as well. To adjust the font size on your computer which also affects all of MasterCook you can reduce your screen resolution as explained here:

At lower resolutions, such as 800 x 600 pixels, fewer items fit on the screen, but they appear larger. See this article for other options:

For Windows 10, see this article:

Additional Options:


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