Unable to Create New Cookbook

PROBLEM: When trying to create a new cookbook I receive an error message stating unable to create cookbook.

SOLUTION: Typically this problem occurs for two reasons:

1. You are using the program with a limited user account. Try using the program with an administrator account. Did someone adjust your user settings for your logon name with Windows? That would cause problems. Have you applied any recent Windows updates? It could have messed with a setting or two. Limited users are prevented from editing files, i.e. creating a new cookbook.

Otherwise, do you think it is possible that you set the MasterCook folder and files as read-only, preventing anyone on your computer from editing files? Perhaps when you were renaming your cookbooks, you accidentally changed a permission setting for the folder? Did you rename the cookbooks while in MasterCook or while outside MasterCook? Does the "My Cookbook" cookbook work okay? Can you create a new recipe inside of it?

2. Non-USA users who have their computer's regional/language settings to something other than USA has caused this problem. They adjusted their computer so that the regional/language settings are USA. That solved their problem when they couldn't create a new cookbook.

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