Cookbook Won't Open or Crashes the Program

If you have a cookbook that won't open or crashes the program when you try to open it, you should first try deleting the MC World.mcw file. Close MasterCook. Use Windows to locate the MC World.mcw file on your computer. In MasterCook 11 and lower it is within the MC TOOLS folder on your computer. If you are using MasterCook 14 follow these instructions:Delete MC World File

Delete this MC World file. Start up MasterCook and try to open your cookbook. The MC World.mcw file may have become corrupt and caused the problem. MasterCook will create a new MC World.mcw file the next time it is launched.

If you still have problems with the cookbook, it may be corrupt. Please contact MasterCook Support and attach your *.mc2 cookbook file, and we will try to recover the recipes for you. The location of your cookbook file depends on the versions of Windows and MasterCook that you are using. For Windows Vista, 7 or 8 and MasterCook 14, you are likely to find your cookbook file within the My Collection folder at this location on your computer:

C:\Users\Public\Documents\MasterCook 14\My Collection

Keep MasterCook closed. Use Windows to open the C drive. Then open the Users folder. Open the Public folder. Open the Public Documents folder. Open the MasterCook 14 folder. Open the My Collection folder. Inside this My Collection folder should be your cookbook files. Submit a ticket to MasterCook Support and attach your .mc2 (cookbook) file.

You should keep your cookbook files backed up on a regular basis. The most common cause of a corrupt cookbook file is when Windows shuts down while MasterCook is using a cookbook file. This can happen when Windows automatically updates itself and reboots afterward. Don't leave MasterCook running while you are away from your computer.

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