Importing from MacGourmet

How do I import recipes from MacGourmet?

The easiest way is to export from MacGourmet and choose the MasterCook Mac export setting to create a .mcmac file. Then create a cookbook in MasterCook. Select OPEN from the File menu. At the bottom of the Open screen have it show you ALL file types. Then open the .mcmac file to import the recipes into MasterCook.

Otherwise, you can either user CB2CB as explained below to convert your .mgourmet file to an .mz2 file, or we can convert it for you.

The .mz2 file can be imported into MasterCook 15 on a Windows computer, or it can be uploaded to a account by creating a new online cookbook and then uploading the file of recipes into one of your Online Cookbooks at

If you want help, please submit a ticket to MasterCook Support and send us your MacGourmet file (*.mgourmet) as an attachment.

To Create the .mgourmet File:

  1. Start up MacGourment and select/highlight all of your recipes titles.
  2. Go to the File menu and select Export...
  3. Under Format of Exported File, select MacGourmet.
  4. Press Export to create the .mgourmet file.

We will convert it for you and send it right back. If it's too large to attach, please upload it to or Google Drive or somewhere similar and send us a link. Or, you can use CB2CB to convert your file. See USING CB2CB below.

In MacGourmet select/highlight the recipes you wish to export. Then select Export from the File menu. In the Export window that appear from the drop-down list for Export As, select the .mgourmet format.


CB2CB is a free program that can convert files between several recipe management programs, including MacGourmet and MasterCook.

Download this free program called CB2CB at this website:


It can convert your .mgourmet file format into the .mz2 MasterCook 15 format.

Download and Install CB2CB:

  1. Download the latest version of the CB2CB program.
  2. Create a new folder on your computer. Extract the files from CB2CB into this new folder.
  3. Run the .exe file to use CB2CB.

Run CB2CB:

  1. Set MGOURMET as the Input Format and browse to your .mgourmet file.
  2. Set MZ2 as the Output format.
  3. Press the Finish button.

It will create an .mz2 file at the same location as your .mgourmet file. Use Windows to double click on the .mz2 file. It will import the recipes into MasterCook. Or, you can upload the .mz2 file into one of your online cookbooks at

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