Importing from MacGourmet

How do I import recipes from MacGourmet?

The easiest way is to export from MacGourmet and choose the MasterCook Mac export setting to create a .mcmac file. Then create a cookbook in MasterCook. Select OPEN from the File menu. At the bottom of the Open screen have it show you ALL file types. Then open the .mcmac file to import the recipes into MasterCook.

Otherwise, you can create an .mgourmet file and ask MasterCook Support to convert the file for you.

The .mz2 file can be imported into MasterCook 15 or greater on a Windows computer, or it can be uploaded to a account by creating a new online cookbook and then uploading the file of recipes into one of your Online Cookbooks at

To Create the .mgourmet File:

  1. Start up MacGourment and select/highlight all of your recipes titles.
  2. Go to the File menu and select Export...
  3. Under Format of Exported File, select MacGourmet.
  4. Press Export to create the .mgourmet file.


If you would like MasterCook Support to convert your cookbook into MasterCook format, first you need to purchase a 2nd Level Customer Service Ticket: here.

Then contact MasterCook Support letting us know your order number. MasterCook Support will give you instructions for sending your .mgourmet file to us, so we can convert your cookbooks into MasterCook format.

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