MasterCook 15/20 Backup

If you are using MasterCook 22, follow these instructions: MasterCook 22 Backup – MasterCook Community

Otherwise, follow the instructions below for MC 15 or 20.



You do not need to be signed into My MasterCook Manager to use the Backup screen. It fully functions while offline. There are two ways to backup your files for MasterCook 15/2020.

  1. One is to use the MasterCook 15/20 Backup screen.
  2. The other way is using Windows.

Both methods are explained below and give the same exact results, so use the method that works best for you.


When you launch MasterCook 15/20, the My MasterCook Manager program will also appear. Click on the Backup tab along the left of its screen to use it. See screenshot below.

The Backup screen shows you the location of the files that MasterCook is currently using.

1. Use Windows and create a new folder on your computer called MasterCook Backups. Perhaps create it in your personal My Documents folder. Inside that folder create a folder with today's date.

2. Add checkmarks to the folders you wish to back up. (The collection folders contain cookbooks and menu/meal plan files. The MC Tools contains everything else like shopping lists, print templates, etc.)

3. At the top of this screen is a Browse button. Click on that. This allows you to select which folder to copy your files to. Select the folder with today's date that you created in Step 1 above. (You can click on the View Folder link just below this to see the contents of that selected folder.)

4. Press the Backup Now button to back up your data to that location.



Additionally, if for some reason you cannot get the My MasterCook Manager screen to work, you can use Windows to backup your data.

Copy the MasterCook 15 or MasterCook 20 folder that is inside the Public Documents folder on your computer to another disk or drive.

  1. Open the C drive on your computer.
  2. Open the Users folder.
  3. Open the Public Folder.
  4. Open the Public Documents folder.
  5. Use Windows to copy the MasterCook 15 (or 20) folder and all of its content to another disk or drive. (It contains all of your user files.)

Although you can use Windows to confirm it copied the contents within the MasterCook 15 (or 20) folder, do not open the files in the backup location or you will confuse the program since it's already using files by the same name. You just want a copy of them in a backup location.


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