Transferring Cookbooks from Version 9 on Another Computer to Version 14

I have MasterCook 9 on my old Windows XP computer and am trying to bring those files into MasterCook 14 on the new Windows 8 computer. How do I do it?

On your old computer open the C drive. Open the Program Files folder. Open the MasterCook 9 folder. Open the My Collection folder. Are your cookbook files (MC2 and MCX) within this folder? If so copy them to disk.

Then on the new computer paste them into the My Collection folder for version 14. Open the C drive. Open the Users folder. Open the Public folder. Open the Documents folder. Open the MasterCook 14 folder. And open the My Collection folder. Paste your MC2 and MCX cookbook files into this folder. If it asks you what to do about copying files by the same name (such as the My Cookbook) tell it to overwrite and replace the files that are in there because you want your files to replace the same that are in there that don't have your recipes.

Then start up MasterCook 14 and go to the Cookbooks screen. Select Refresh File List from the Tools menu. This causes MasterCook to go inventory its folders at which point it will see the MC2 and MCX cookbook files you added and make them available within the program.

Basically you back up your files in version 9 and restore them to version 14. See this article:

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