Reinstalling MasterCook 14

First, uninstall the program using the Windows Uninstall Programs screen.

Then make sure the three MasterCook 14 folders are removed from these locations:


C:\Program Files (x86)

(If you do not find the ProgramData folder inside the C drive that means Windows is hiding it from you. You need to tell it to show you hidden files and folders on the computer.)

It is very important the three folders are deleted after uninstalling, otherwise corrupt files will remain and so will your problems after reinstalling.

Restart your computer. Close all programs on the computer and disable your antivirus program (You might want to disconnect from the internet first), so nothing can interfere and corrupt the installation.

After installing MasterCook 14 on your computer go to the Home screen in MasterCook 14 (not the website). Click on the Updates link on that screen. It will load a web page and let you know if your program is up to date. Install any update that is recommended on this web page.

After the program is installed and updated you can restore your backed up files as mentioned near the end of this web page: Backing Up Recipes and Other Files.

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