Recipes Do Not Transfer When Merging

I followed all instructions. The new version shows the name of the cookbook that I am trying to merge from MasterCook 9 (or lower), but not all recipes.

That is because Windows Vista and greater do not allow MasterCook 9 or lower to work properly on your computer. Windows has moved the real cookbook with the real recipes to a hidden location on your computer. So, the first thing you have to do is find those missing files in the hidden location on your computer.


Windows Vista:

to have Windows show you hidden files and folders on the computer and also have it show file extensions. Follow steps 5-7 in that article.

Windows 7:

Follow steps 7-10.

Windows 8 and 10:

See this article: Show Hidden Files/Folders in Windows 8 & 10


Then use Windows Search to look for the .mc2 files on your computer. The search results will show the folder location of those files. You need to use Windows to manually navigate to that folder that contains your MC2 and MCX files and copy them into the MasterCook 14 My Collection folder and have it replace/overwrite the empty ones that version 14 installed. The MasterCook 14 My Collection folder is at this location on your computer (using Vista or greater):

Open the C drive. Open the Users folder. Open the Public folder. Open the Public Documents folder. Open the MasterCook 14 folder. Open the My Collection folder. You need to move your hidden/missing MC2 and MCX files to this folder. If you are not very good with computers perhaps you can get a friend or family member to assist you. After you have moved the files to the My Collection folder, start up MasterCook 14 and select Refresh File List from its Tools menu. This causes it to inventory its folders, so it will see the files you added.

Again, this happened because Windows Vista (or greater) doesn't allow MasterCook 9 or lower to work correctly on your computer. Windows moved those files to a hidden location on your computer. This happens when you use any old program on Windows Vista and greater. You likely have files from other programs on your computer within the hidden VirtualStore folder on your computer too.

Let us know if you have any further questions or problems. Submit a ticket to us in Support, and we would be happy to help you further.

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