Merging Content into MasterCook 14

If you have a previous version of MasterCook installed on your computer along with version 14 try these steps:

1. Use the Backup and Merge command from the File menu in MasterCook 14.
2. When the Backup and Merge window appears you will have to close the main application of MasterCook 14.
3. Return to the Backup and Merge window and be sure the Merge tab is selected.
4. In this tab you will want to select what you want to be merged into MasterCook 14 then click the Merge button. You can press the + and - signs to the left of the folders to expand and collapse them. Remove/clear the checkmarks from everything, but add checkmarks to your things you wish to bring into version 14.
5. Reopen MasterCook 14 after the process is complete and verify the data you selected transferred and is accessible from within version 14.

If you are using MasterCook version 9 or lower with Windows Vista or higher and can't get version 14 to find or transfer your recipes, please see this:

If you don't have a previous version of MasterCook installed on the same computer as MasterCook 14 follow these instructions:

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