Transferring Recipes and Files into MasterCook 14

How do I transfer my recipes and other files from another computer or previous version of MasterCook and into MasterCook 14?


We have a video tutorial you can watch on this web page: Getting Started. Click on the Transferring Files video on that page to watch it. The first half shows you how to transfer files from a previous version installed on the same computer. The second part of that video (about 3 minutes into the video) explains how to transfer your files from another computer using a USB drive.


If you have a previous version of MasterCook (version 5 or greater) installed on the same computer as version 14 and want to get it into version 14, please try this:

Otherwise, follow the below instructions to transfer your files.



Versions 4 and less cookbook files are *.MCF and *.MRF. (The Mac versions will need these file extensions added when you transfer them to a PC computer before the PC version of MasterCook can open them.) The MCF file holds the text portion of the cookbook, and the MRF file stores the recipe pictures. If there are no recipe pictures in the cookbook, there won't be an MRF file. These two file types must always remain within the same folder on the computer since they work together.

Find those files on your computer. Use Windows Search if needed. You should back them up to another disk or drive on a regular basis.

Select OPEN from the File menu in MasterCook 14 and direct it to the MCF file. MasterCook will create its own cookbook files (MC2/MCX), leaving the original files intact.


Cookbook files and menu files are stored within collection folders on your computer. The location of the collection folder varies according to which version you have installed. For example, if you are using MasterCook 9 the My Collection folder is at this location on your computer: C:\Program Files\MasterCook 9.

Find the MasterCook 14 My Collection folder on your computer (see below) and place your cookbook files (*.mc2 & .mcx) within this folder. Start up MasterCook and select REFRESH FILE LIST from its Tools menu. The MC2 file holds the text portion of the cookbook, and the MCX file stores the recipe pictures.

MasterCook 14 stores all cookbooks and data in the Public Documents folder on your computer. The default location for these files is:

  • In Windows XP (C:\Documents and Setting\All Users\Documents\MasterCook 14).
  • In Windows Vista and and greater (C:\Users\Public\Documents\MasterCook 14).

Other file types (ingredient list, etc.) are stored within the MC TOOLS folder on your computer. See details below. Copy those files to the MC TOOLS folder. Start up MasterCook and select REFRESH FILE LIST from its Tools menu.

Please keep your cookbook files backed up on a regular basis.

Which files contain my content?

In the Collection Folders:
.pln - meal plans
.mnu - menus
.mc2 - cookbook text
.mcx - cookbook pictures

In the MC Tools Folder:
.mcd - print designs
.mcp - paper definitions
.sl - shopping lists
.pl - pantry
.el - equivalents
.bl - substitutions
.src - saved search criteria
MC - ingredient file (if you edited it)
MC Prep Methods.mtd - prep list
MC Alt Sources.mtd - alternate source labels
MC Alt Times.mtd - alternate times labels
MC Wine List.wl - wine list
MC Favorites.mfv - favorites
MC Tips.mtf - Tips file (if you edited it)
MC Tips.mcx - Tips pictures (if you edited Tips file or added a picture)
userdic.tlx - words added to dictionary for spellchecker


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