2x4 Avery Labels

How can I print the Avery #8463 label sheet that provides two across, five down, each label 2 X 4-inches?

Select the Print icon. Select the Custom button. Choose the 3 Hole Paper from the Name Paper drop-down menu. Do the following steps in this sequence: (1) Place a check mark in the Create Multi-section Templates box. (2) In the Number of Sections set it at 2 horizontal and 5 vertical. (3) In the Template Margin set right and left margins to 0.25 inches, set the top and bottom margins to 0.5 inches.

Now go up to the Paper Size and set it for 8.5 Width and 11 Height. Finally, set Paper Margins right and left to 0.25 inches and top and bottom to 0.1 inches. Then "Save as" Avery #8463 or whatever other name you wish.

Next, go into Edit Design, choose a design that will allow you to hide the Directions field. Note: Some designs permit that while others don't. Be sure that the design you pick also allows you to align the Notes field horizontally in position and width as the Title field. I also suggest you reduce the font size for the Title field and, if necessary, for the Note field to make everything fit on the label.

Also, after you have checked all the fields you want to hide, then in addition to making sure the Note field aligns horizontally with the Title field, you need to be sure to drag the Note field up to and abut the Title field. If there's a large vertical space between the two, the Title field will print on one label and the Note field will print on another.

Finally, in the Palette window, choose the Page tab and for Paper choose the Avery #8463 or whatever you named it. Then make sure the Number Pages option is unchecked. For the Start option, choose either On next page or On next column, whichever seems to work best with your printer. Choose the Hide tab and check everything except Title and Notes. You will probably want to save this design to another name to call up later.

Note that the margins set under the Template Margins set the margins for the 8.5 X 11-inch paper size while the margins under Paper Margins set the margins for the 2 X 4-inch labels.

I tried this on two printers, one is an Epson Laser and the other is an Epson 600 inkjet. I did note that the laser would inexplicably skip a label once in a while but the inkjet did fine.

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