Printing a Cookbook

How do I print a cookbook?

MasterCook has been used by many people over the years to publish cookbooks. Some users sell them on Amazon even! Some of these users have shared their tips with us over the years. You can find them in the Printing & Publishing section of our support website.

MasterCook comes with nearly 20 different print templates to choose from. You can simply just pick one of them and print your cookbook. Or, you can further edit and customize one of them to suit your needs. Your options are only limited to the amount of time you wish to spend customing and changing the layout of the recipe parts. Again, you can just select one of the existing templates to use as is, or you can spend time customizing them further.

Since MasterCook is a database program, the recipe text is stored in fields in the program. You can rearrange the layout of these fields in the print templates. You can adjust the font color, styles, etc. for each individual data field such as the Notes, Directions, Ingredients, etc. You an even add text and graphic objects to the template.

MasterCook's printing works a lot like other database programs such as Microsoft Access. It is NOT a word processor and looks/works nothing like one. You can export your recipes from the program as a text file and edit that within Word and print from there if you wish.

To get started you can print a cookbook by opening a cookbook and then selecting Print/Publish Cookbook from the File menu.

When the Print window appears note the things you can included in the lower left corner of that window. You can edit those things too. (Open the Publish Palette window in the Edit Print Design screen. Select these from the Layout drop-down menu at the top of that screen.) Press the Edit Print design button.

The Edit Print Design window appears. Click on something in the window that you want to change and then press the Palette button at the bottom to change the selected text box font styles and colors, etc.

To print one recipe after another select START > ONE AFTER ANOTHER from the Page tab in the Palette window.

You can use any number of the print design templates. Just pick a different one from the Design drop-down menu at the top of the Palette window. The Layout drop-down menu just underneath it allows you to select to edit the other things you chose to included in the lower left corner of the Print window.

For more info on using the Edit Print Design screen, see the program's Help. Also you can read our Editing a Print Design article.

You can print to a PDF file. See

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