Editing Cookbook Headers

Did you know you can edit those red letters that appear at the top of pages when you print a cookbook? Those are the category headers when you print a cookbook. Depending on how you have your cookbook sorted prior to printing, it controls what you see. For example, if you sort by recipe title, you will see alphabet letters. However, if you sort by category, you will see category names. Furthermore, if you sort by something that isn't assigned to any recipes, such as ratings, they will not even show.




Open a cookbook so you are viewing its recipe titles. Then use the Sort By drop-down menu along the left of the MasterCook screen. Change to Sort By: Category.




Select/highlight a few recipes from different categories. Press the Print icon in the lower right corner of the MasterCook screen.




In the Print window that appears press the Edit Design button.




When the Edit Print Design screen appears in the lower right corner press the Change Recipe button.




When the Change Heading window appears select one of your category names and then press OK.




Now you should be looking at the layout screen in the Edit Print Design with the red lettered category name showing.




You can select its text box and use the Palette window to change the font style, colors, size and adjust the justification, etc. These changes are saved to the select design in the Palette window.



Furthermore, if you want to edit the headers of the Category Index or Alphabet Index or Table of Contents, you can do that too. Select to include those things in the lower left corner of the Print window before you go into the Edit Print Design screen. Once the Edit Print Design screen is showing select the Palette button at the bottom of the screen. In the Palette window select Category Index from the Layout menu near the top of the Palette window. Hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys on your keyboard while right clicking with the mouse in the left pane of the Edit Print Design screen. This brings up a special menu. Select Edit Page from this menu. Now you will be able to edit the Category Index header that appears.


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