Inserting Graphics and Text

Is there a quick way to insert text and/or graphics in the Edit Design screen and then move it anywhere within a recipe page? First, I am selecting the area where I wish to insert then choose either text or graphics. I can put graphics either at the top or bottom, text at the bottom only. Selecting it again, graphics I can move from the bottom to the top but nowhere in-between. Selected text remains at the bottom. What step(s) I am missing?

I use the menu to insert graphic or text object. then move them from the bottom to where I want them. Usually the other stuff (below it) just moves out of the way when I drop the graphic/text.

Sometimes layouts are trickier -- like the two column (ingredients left, instructions right) -- depending on where you want to put the graphic/text. Then you may have to move things down a ways and zoom in to see more of what you are selecting. Then insert and relocate. So it depends upon where the "in-between" is.

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