Resizing Objects

If I want to resize a category (example: author) so that it will fit on the same line with another category (example: yield), how do I do that?

When you are resizing something, be sure that "Show Grid" is selected from the Design drop-down menu. Using "Snap To Grid" can be helpful, too, because then you know just where you are and that your objects are lining up exactly. Then, when you are actually doing the resizing, click the object, like author, so the slashed line border appears around it. On the ends of that field, you will see a black box. Hover your mouse over the box until it turns into a two-sided arrow, then click and drag the sides of the field to the size you need, first one side and then the other. When the two fields are of a size that they will not overlap one another, you should be able to drag them alongside each other (the mouse pointer will have four arrows). Do keep in mind that you are looking at just one recipe in the cookbook, and leave enough space so that a particularly long author name will still fit. (In other words, use print preview to check this out before you print!) You can make finer adjustments by changing the size of the grids shown.

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