Removing Lines That Print

I am trying to print out a family cookbook using Delicious Desserts design. When I print out, I get a line running across the page before and after each recipe. These lines do not show up on the print preview. Is there anyway to delete them?

They don't show in the preview or display with the standard zoom settings. I had to change the zoom to find them.

The first one is in the text box below the categories. Change the Zoom (lower left) to 100% so you can see the box. Click on it to select it. Click the Palette and you'll see how a border was chosen (in the Object tab). Set that to no border.

The zoom menu is available for the print preview too. Click [Print Preview] and right click inside that window.

TIP: The two panes in the Edit Design window are size-able. Have you used that yet? To see more of the right-hand pane, move the mouse over the two vertical lines between the two panes. Click and drag the stretching cursor.

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