Adjusting the Index Header

When I print out my index I get the word "Index" about 1" down. How do I change this?

  1. View one of your cookbooks.
  2. Select Print/Publish Cookbook from the File menu.
  3. In the Print screen that appears select to include the Recipe Index from the bottom left corner.
  4. Next, press the Edit Design button.
  5. In the Edit Print Design screen press the Palette button near the bottom of the screen.
  6. In the Publish Palette window that appears, select Alphabetical Index from the Layout drop-down menu and select the Object tab.
  7. On the left side of the screen in the layout design area, select the recipe name.
  8. Now you can go back to the Object tab of the Palette and increase the size of the Inside Margin.

This will allow for more spacing between the Index heading and the recipe names. However, it should have no effect on the printing of the recipes.

You can also increase the top margin of the page. (If you are using landscape, the top of the page is really the left side.)

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