Editing the Shopping List Design

To adjust the print layout of the shopping list you will need to use the Edit Print Design screen.

  1. Open a recipe.
  2. Select the Print button.
  3. In the Print window in the lower left corner are checkmark boxes.
    (a) add a checkmark include Shopping List and
    (b) remove the checkmark from Recipes.
  4. Press the Edit Design button to enter the Edit Print Design screen.
  5. Select Save Design As from the File menu and give it a name such as Shopping List Print Template.

Follow these guidelines while using when editing any print template: Editing a Print Design


1. In the Edit menu use Select All.
2. Click on the Palette button at the bottom of the screen.
3. In the Text tab of the Publish Palette window, you can change the font attributes.


In the Edit Print Design screen select an unwanted object such as (No Coupon text) so just that item is selected. Then right click and select Hide from the menu that pops up. Repeat with the (No Cost text) object.

Furthermore, select the object that says Coupon in bold text at the top in the column header area. Then in the Object tab of the Publish Palette screen, delete the word that says Coupon.

Repeat with the (No Cost text) object and the Cost object box.

Now you can select the displayed recipe name object box and drag it to the right edge of the print template.

Save changes to your new Shopping List Template. Select this template whenever you wish to print a shopping list.

If you wish you can select the Shopping List object box and change its name to whatever you wish, such as Costco Shopping List. You could use the Save Design As at this point and name it Costco Shopping List.

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