Page Numbers Won't Print, etc.

Here is a printer/printing facts and check list to help us troubleshoot MasterCook. Sometimes the page numbers don't print or the text bleeds or is truncated on the right edge. Here are some things to try.


The order in which we check things matters: Start by selecting the design, then turn page numbering on in the Print/Publish window. If we do it the other way around -- numbering on, then select a different design -- numbering is reset to no.

Check to see that the right paper is selected for your design. Paper and orientation.

Save some time by finding out if the numbers do print on another design. If they do, then you know it's something about the first design.


For your information: page numbers show up when we print on paper or in the Print Preview screen. They do not show up in the layout panel, no matter how big the zoom.

Edit the design. Check the Palette's Page tab. Is page numbering checked? It should be if we checked it on the Print/Publish window. We have heard some people report that if they have to turn numbering on in the palette, it may not print. That's why I turn it on twice: in the Print/Publish screen and the Edit Design's Palette setup.

Margins need to be set within the print zone specific to your printer. To check it, compare the ruler markings (in the left panel of the design editing screen) to the Palette's margin settings. To turn the ruler on, open the "Design" menu and select "show rulers" To see the margin settings, turn on the Palette, Page tab, Custom button. For HP deskjet printers, see this table at hp

Try changing the font face. Make sure the font still exists. Windows does try to emulate a font that was deleted.

Try changing orientation from landscape to portrait, etc. Try printing single sheet, instead of double or booklet.

Consider getting a fresh copy of the original design from the cd. (Remember to reset the copied file's file properties from "read only" to "archive". Use My Computer's Explorer to locate the file, right click and select "properties".)


Do you need to update the printer driver? Check the website for you printer. There may be a bug fix or patch.

For double sided printing, try either letting MasterCook control the printing, or your printer (if you have that option), but not both.

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