Index Cards: Both Sides of a Single Card

I am looking for a way to print on 3 x 5 cards, but only print on one card. I have changed the settings in page setup, both to Avery 3 x 5, but when it prints out the recipe, it prints out on 3 different cards. Any way to get it to print only about half the recipe on one card, so I can flip it over and print the rest on the opposite side?

The current manual flip option for printing does not do the 1/2, 3/4, 5/6 pages.

Here is a work-around that may work for you:

This may not work with all printers and it is quite cumbersome, so that I only use it when a person specifically asks me to print on a card. Also, as you read below, you will realize this is strictly for one at a time --- no quantity printing.

The procedure: Go to Print/Publish and Edit Design. For paper, choose Custom and set the width to 3 inches and the height to 5 inches and set the margins to the smallest your printer will allow (you may have to "tinker" here). One reason for "tinkering" is that the printer may try to cut the top or bottom half off a line as well as needing some room to keep hold of the card. Save the size under a name of your choice so you can use it later. Also, be sure to choose landscape printing.

Now, for the end run --- place ONE card in your printer and print. When it prints to the bottom margin and ejects the card, ready to print the next card, you should get a message that the printer is out of paper (that's another place where this routine may be printer sensitive). Reinsert your card to print on the back side and, in my case, I press a button on the printer to tell it I've put fresh paper in it and voila, it finishes on the back side.

It can be messy and fussy with no guarantees, but I hope it works for you.

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