Printing Two Recipes on a Legal Size Paper

It does not have to be a long project once you learn to navigate MasterCook. The Edit/Publish palette is the key. It took me a long time to understand it and many tries. I used one of the template cookbook for design and kind of played with it and called it "Best Design" by then it was saved and I worked with it. I edited the fonts but reverted back to Times New Roman because it is easy to read. I played with the margins, but the grid bar once I understood how it worked made it real easy to move everything to align where I wanted. One thing I noticed be very careful, look at the Hide Tab so it prints only what you want. Once set all works. I will be honest I had problem with the printing. I could not figure it out. So I took some hints from the board and here is what I ended up doing. I took a legal piece of paper 8.5 x 14 and printed two recipes on it so I could then cut the page in half. Recipe one first then took the paper out and reinserted it in the printer, if you do that make sure when you put the paper back in your printer you put it so the recipe your previously printed is face up. Make sure that you set your paper size to CUSTOM - WIDTH 8.5, HEIGHT 7. I put the Margins at left 0.75, right 0.75, top 0.5 and bottom 0.5. Orientation landscape - Print set up one recipe. It may have taken more time to do it that way but I had control. This way I printed one category at a time and knew it was in alphabetical order. I could not figure out to print the list of recipes with Category name first, then the recipes in that category so I ended up doing it in Word setting up my page with same margins, fonts etc... Once printed it was perfect. I could not figure out how to print the covers MasterCook has available so same thing I used Word for the text and their "Insert Clipart" feature to make the cover. I had to use hints from the board and some creativity, but it worked. I had it bound and the margins were perfect on both sides and THE RESULT WAS WORTH EVERY MINUTE OF IT. Just remember the only thing I wanted was to be able to print two recipes on a legal size sheet of paper. It worked for me.

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