Order of Recipes/Divider Pages


You can sort your cookbook by different criteria before choosing to print, and this will affect your printed version. (Use the "Sort By" drop down box on the left hand side of the recipe browser screen, where all your recipe names are listed.)



"ALPHABET PAGES": When you have your cookbook sorted by recipe title or alphabet, and then choose to print it, you will have pages print with a single letter of the alphabet. These are separators or placeholders. To avoid them, you can sort your cookbook by Ratings if you do not have ratings active in that cookbook.


SORTED BY <empty>: If you do not have ratings active in your cookbook (none of the recipes are assigned a rating) and you sort it by ratings, there will be no separator or placeholders. The same can be said for sorting by any other field that is empty for the entire cookbook, i.e. author, cuisine, etc.


So, if you want to prevent placeholders from printing, sort first by an empty criteria. The placeholders won't print because there is nothing for it to print.


SORTED BY RATINGS: If you only have one rating active for the cookbook and then sort the cookbook by ratings before printing, you will get a placeholder page with that rating name on it. If only part of the recipes in the cookbook are rated, you will have another placeholder page with "No ratings entry" on it.


For the recipes that have ratings, the recipes with the lowest number rating will print first within the rating group. (Those with 0 will print before those with 5.) If several recipes have the same rating, say a 3, then they will print in alphabetical order in a group.


SORTED BY CATEGORIES: To print a cookbook by category, you can sort the cookbook by category first. However, you will then get a divider page that prints with the category name on it. This might work for you. Many people like to have a tab page dividing their categories.


EDIT PLACEHOLDER TEMPLATE: Another way to avoid the printed divider text is to edit its template. First sort by whatever order you want the recipes to print. Select more than one recipe before entering the Edit Print Design Screen. (If you select only one recipe, the following won't work.)


In the Edit Print Design screen click on the CHANGE RECIPE button. (This button allows you to see a preview of a different recipe other than the one currently showing in the Edit Print Design screen, therefore it will not be active unless one or more recipes are selected in the previous step.) Once you click this button, you will see the placeholder names inside the Change Recipe window that appears.


Click on one of these placeholder names (category name, if your cookbook is sorted by categories; an alphabet letter if your cookbook is sorted by title or alphabet, etc.) Doing so brings up the design layout for that particular placeholder.


Now you can hide the placeholder text (Select the text on the screen and right click to get the HIDE command) to prevent it from printing.


If you choose on Palette's Page tab to print your recipes "one after another", no placemarker text will print at all.


If you choose to print your recipes with each starting "on next page," a blank page will go through your printer with a page number (if you have those turned on to print), so if you don't want any text or image at all, it might be best to do as recommended early on in this topic (see: "SORTED BY <empty>" above.)


If you would like to edit the placemarker layout to change the font of the text, or its color or placement on the page, or to add a clipart design, you can do that just as you would to edit any layout.

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