Printing Troubles

When I select to print from MasterCook I get an error message that states No Printer Found or the program just shuts down.

This happens because a printer is not specified in the .ini file for MasterCook. Open a recipe. Select the Print icon. In the Print window that appears select a different paper size there. Then select Letter. This should fix the .ini file. Then try to print. Otherwise, try the suggestions below.

Try a different printer to rule out the printer itself causing the problem. Windows installs Microsoft Print to PDF. Try that printer instead. If it works, then you know the problem is caused by your printer.

  1. Please go to the Windows printers and make sure you have a default printer designated.
  2. Then go to the Print window in MasterCook. Make sure Letter is selected for the paper size. If it is currently blank it can cause a problem.


Also, make sure you have both Network Discovery and Printer Sharing enabled in Windows. These settings are within your Network and Sharing window. In Windows 8 open the Network and Sharing Center. Click on Change Advanced Sharing Settings. Within this window make sure Network Discovery is turned on. Make sure File and Printer Sharing is turned on. See this screenshot:


Next, verify you can access the printer through the Network window. Open the Network window that shows the computers that are on the network. Is your printer listed within this main Network window? Open the computer on the network that has the printer installed. You should see the printer listed within this computer's window and not in the main Network window. See this example:


Furthermore, if you are trying to print through a wireless or other network to a printer that is attached to a different computer, physically attach that printer to your computer and install that printer to your computer. Once you do this, that might make the network printer work when you are no longer connected to the printer. Install the printer until you can see it within the computer's window in the Network as the example above shows. Some people have had to try installing the printer both ways, and only one of them worked. Therefore, try installing using the regular printer cable. Then, try installing using the USB cable instead. Perhaps you will find one works better than the other.

One other user found it worked only if they right clicked on the shortcut to start up MasterCook and selected Run As Administrator.


The print function pop-up window says "Getting ready to print" and has the progress bar, but it is vacant and it just sits there.

Or, another user found when they tried to print nothing happened. No error messages either.


The problem turned out to be that the Print window had a field for the paper size that was blank.  As soon they selected letter size it printed fine. See below.



Furthermore, if you are using Comodo Enpoint Security, disable the Auto-Sandbox setting. This has caused MasterCook to report no printers are found. See here:

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