Changing the font size for cookbooks and for printing

Changing Font in Cookbooks (Note: you can only change one cookbook at a time):

1. Open the cookbook you would like to modify.
2. Click Tools | Customize Cookbook.
3. Click the Page Display tab.
4. You can choose which section of the recipe you would like to change. Ex. Title, Directions, Ingredients, etc. You can choose new font sizes, colors, bold, italics and underline.

Changing the Font size when you Print:

You can change the font size that the recipes print in the publisher / preferences box:

1. Open the recipe you would like to print.
2. Click File.
3. Click Edit Print Design.
4. Select the area of the recipe you would like to change (you can also select everything at once by clicking on Edit | Select All), and then click Palette (located toward the bottom of the screen). You can choose, font size color, etc. from there.

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