Importing from Micro Cookbook

How do I import my recipes from Micro Cookbook?

Micro Cookbook will export recipes in the MasterCook file format. You can then use the Import command from the File menu in MasterCook to import in a cookbook in MasterCook.

How do I export a recipe from Micro Cookbook 3.x? (Windows version)

Click on File in upper left corner of the screen. Click on Open Cookbook. Select a cookbook by highlighting it and clicking on Open. Highlight a chapter to select it. Click on the arrow to the left of the cookbook name to see a list of recipes within that cookbook. Choose a recipe to be exported by highlighting it and double-clicking to view the recipe. Click on File, then select Export as Text. Create a name for the file to be exported and click Save.

How do I export a recipe from Micro Cookbook 3.x? (DOS version)

In main menu press the <F1> key, to Select a Recipe from an Index. Using the arrow keys, select the recipe by highlighting the name and clicking on Enter. In the recipe view use the arrow keys to highlight FUNCTIONS in the lower right hand corner. Click on Enter. On the drop-down menu use arrow keys to highlight F8 Export Recipe and press enter or <F8>. Create a name for the file to be exported (up to 8 characters), or use the default name that appears. Click on Enter.

How do I export recipes from Micro Cookbook 4.x?

Highlight a cookbook to view recipes. Click OK. In the Recipe window, type a recipe name to search the database or use the scroll bar to search for a recipe. Click on the recipe(s) you want to export (the box to the left of the recipe will be marked showing which recipes you've selected). Click the View button to the right. Click the printer icon on the tool bar. In Print Options window, click on the box next to "Print to Text File". Click OK.

How do I export recipes from Micro Cookbook 5.0?

At the start, click on Recipes. In Micro Cookbook 5.0 Categories select a category by clicking on the View button in the lower right corner. Select a recipe by highlighting it and clicking again on View. In Recipe View click on the Print icon located on the tool bar. In the Print window click on the box located next to "Print to File", then click OK. In the Print to File window, type a name for the file you will be exporting. Select a drive and/or directory and click OK.

Additional Information

The main thing that is different about the two formats is Micro Cookbook lets us put the preparation before or after the ingredient. MasterCook expects the preparation to follow the ingredient, so that can mess up import unless you edit your Micro Cookbook recipes with MasterCook in mind. Another difference is Micro Cookbook also has subtitles and MasterCook doesn't. You could move the subtitle to Micro Cookbook's note field or somewhere in the directions to make sure you don't lose that.

Use Import (from the File menu) into MasterCook, not the Import Assistant. The categories, serving sizes and author should export. I recommend you try exporting a few Micro Cookbook recipes to an MXP file and importing them into MasterCook. The results will give you some hints on how to edit Micro Cookbook recipes to import into MasterCook with fewer problems.

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