Importing Multiple MXP or MX2 Files

How do I import more than one MXP or MX2 file at at time into MasterCook?

Do you still have your cookbook files from the previous version? Adding those to MasterCook is the quickest and easiest and correct thing to do. See this article:

Otherwise, when you export recipes from MasterCook you choose to export all of those recipes to a single file or export each one to its own file. MasterCook can only import one file at a time. Therefore, when you export from a previous version you should use the single file option. MasterCook will import that one file that contains a multitude of recipes at once.

Otherwise, you can use CB2CB to convert a directory (folder) of MCX or MX2 files into one MZ2 file that you can then import into MasterCook. Get CB2CB here:

Frank is the developer of that program. If you need help getting it installed or using it, contact him on the RecipeFox forums.

The program is fairly easy to use. Select that you want to input a directory that contains multiple MX2 (or MXP) files. Add a checkmark in the box for Merge All Files. Set the output as MZ2. It will combine and convert all of those MXP or MX2 files into one MZ2 file that you can double click on from Windows to import the MZ2 into MasterCook.


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