Transferring Recipes from MasterCook 2

I now have MasterCook II (2) on my Windows XP computer. I have just bought a new Windows 8 computer and want to know if there is a way to export my thousands of recipes to my new computer.

It will be quick and easy to transfer your recipes from version 2 to version 14. In version 2 your recipes are stored within the MCF and MRF files. The MCF contains the text of your cookbook (your recipes). The MRF contains their photos. If you don't have any recipe photos, there won't be an MRF file. Close MasterCook 2. Create backup copies of these two file types. Copy them to a USB drive.

After installing MasterCook 14 on your new computer select Open from its File menu. Direct it to the MCF file and open it. Version 14 will create a new cookbook and import those recipes right into it. If you have any problems at all, send me your MCF and MRF files, and I would be happy to convert them for you.

NOTE: MasterCook supports 12,000 recipes within one cookbook file. However, you can have an unlimited number of cookbook files in MasterCook 14.

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