Scanning Recipes into MasterCook

How do I scan a recipe into MasterCook?

A scanner simply takes a picture of something you scan and saves it as an image file (*.jpg, *.tif, etc.) You can always scan something and save as a .jpg file and insert the .jpg file as a picture into a recipe in MasterCook.

Otherwise, you can use OCR (Optical Character Recognition) to convert an image into text.

MasterCook has no plans to try to compete with OCR programs. There are some fabulous ones out there. Many are COMPLETELY FREE!

Use OCR (optical character recognition) software to convert that picture (image) to a text file. Most scanners come with basic OCR software. Contact your scanner manufacturer and find out what kind of OCR software it comes with. Use its OCR software to convert your scanned image to text.

Furthermore, there are many OCR software titles on the market. Perform an internet search and check out the reviews and prices. There are even some free online OCR programs that will allow you to upload an image, and it will send you a text file.

There are now free OCR apps for phones and tablets. You can use those. A MasterCook user recommends Photo to Text OCR. You might give that a try.

Handwritten Recipes?

It's tough for any computer to read handwriting because it follows no pattern. :) No worries though! Your phone and tablet also have a speech to text tool. For example use the Notes app on your phone and use the microphone icon. It will let you dictate a note. It will convert your speech to text. Dictate a handwritten recipe. Then copy/paste to email it to yourself.

Then you just format that text within a *.txt file (or copy/paste the text into a new recipe directly into MasterCook) to import into MasterCook by following these guidelines:

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