Using the MasterCook 11 Web Import Bar

The Web Import Bar integrates with Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 or later. To begin using the bar: 

Open Internet Explorer 7 or higher

Click on View in the Menu Bar (You may have to hit the Alt button on your keyboard to activate the Menu Bar)

Highlight Explorer Bar 

Select MasterCook Bar

NOTE: If your MasterCook Web Import Bar does not display in your browser after clicking on the MC icon after installation, you may have to reboot your computer first.

The MasterCook web import bar allows you to easily grab recipes from websites and add them to the MasterCook program. This allows you to spend more time finding recipes and less time trying to get them into MasterCook. The web import bar works very similar to online shopping.

1. Navigate to recipes you like.
2. Add them to your list (like a shopping cart).
3. Then Save the list to MasterCook (like checkout).

Adding Websites to Internet Explorer Trusted Sites
In Windows Vista and Windows 7, any website that you wish to pull recipes from must be added to the "Trusted Sites" list in Internet Explorer. Here's how: 

1. Within Internet Explorer, go to the "Tools" menu, then choose "Internet Options" 
2. Click on the "Security" Tab 
3. Click on "Trusted Sites" 
4. Click the "Sites" button 
5. Uncheck "Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone" 
6. Enter the URL of the website you are visiting (ie: It may already be listed 
7. Click on "Add" 
8. Click on "Close", then "OK" 
9. Refresh the website (press F5) 

Getting Recipe Data into the Bar
Before you can add a recipe to your list, you must add the recipe data to the fields on the bar. For each recipe field you'd like to populate, simply highlight the corresponding text on the web page at right and then click on the checkbox of the field you like to add. If you desire, you can click on the "Edit" link to edit the text of a recipe field.

Tip: Double-Click on a word to highlight the word. Triple-Click on a text block to highlight the entire block of text.

Recipe Pictures
Getting a recipe picture into the bar is slightly different than text. To add a picture to the bar, right-click on the picture you would like to add. Choose "MasterCook: Select Image" to select the image. Click on the Recipe Picture checkbox to add the image to the bar.

Note: The Recipe Picture will not be visible on the web import bar. It will appear in the program when the recipe is saved to MasterCook.

Recipe List
After you populate all the desired fields of a recipe, click on "Add to Recipe List" to add the recipe to your session list. You can then proceed to add as many recipes as you wish to the list. You can remove recipes from your session list by clicking on the 'x' icon next to the recipe name in the recipe list.

Note: Your recipe list will be lost if you don't save your list to MasterCook before you close your browser. 

Saving your Recipe List to MasterCook
When you added as many recipes to your list that you desire, click on "Save to MasterCook" to save your list of recipes to MasterCook. MasterCook will be launched automatically and will prompt you which cookbook you want to add your recipes to. 

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