Web Import Toolbar for Internet Explorer Doesn't Work (Versions 8-11 Only)

After installing MaserCook 8, 9 or 11, the command can be found in the View menu in Internet Explorer within the Explorer Bars submenu. (If you don't find it, see this article.) If you click on that and you get a blank, blue toolbar that generally indicates you are using a limited user account on the computer. You need to be logged onto your computer with an Administrator account in order for the toolbar to load.

It is also possible the toolbar was disabled. Select MANAGE ADD-ONS from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. Make sure the MasterCook Bar is listed as Enabled. If you don't find the MasterCook Bar command within the Internet Explorer View>Explorer Bars menu, you need to reinstall your program so the toolbar can be installed. Remember to back up your files before uninstalling and reinstalling.

A user found out another add-on was interfering and prevented the MasterCook web import toolbar from working. This person was using MasterCook 11 and Windows 8. So, you could try disabling the other add-ons and restart the computer (this is sometimes necessary for it to take) and see if that resolves the problem.

Another thing to try is resetting the security settings for the web browser. That's helped others too. Select Internet Options from the Tools menu in Internet Explorer. Select the Advanced tab. Press the RESET button in the lower right part of the screen. Add a checkmark for the setting Delete Personal Settings. (This is important.) Press the RESET button. When it finishes it will prompt you to restart your computer. Restart the computer. Launch Internet Explorer. Select Manage Add-ons from the Tools menu. Highlight/select MasterCook Bar. Press Enable in the lower right corner. Select/highlight the MasterCook Web Import Bar. Press Enable in the lower right corner. (Don't enable any other add-ons just yet.) Try to import a recipe using the web import toolbar. Make sure the website is listed in the Trusted Sites too. When you reset Internet Explorer it should leave your sites listed in the Trusted Sites window.

A user found they needed to add to their Trusted Sites list and then reset the web browser's security settings. Add it to yours and see if that corrects the problem.

If none of the above helps, please contact Microsoft to see if they can help you figure out why Internet Explorer is blocking it. They were able to help other MasterCook users.

Otherwise, if you purchase version 14 it has a completely redesigned web importer that works with any web browser from any phone, tablet, or computer. You may want to upgrade to MasterCook 14 like many other users have. To use the web importer for MasterCook 14 follow these instructions: MasterCook 14 Web Import Instructions.

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