Evernote ( iPhone, iPad and Smart Phone support)

You can export MasterCook recipes to Evernote 3.5 either by e-mail or file to view them on your portable device or another computer using Evernote. This can be accessed via Files then Export and Mail.

1) Select a recipe you wish to export
2) Select Folder Tab at the top of the Export and Mail window
3) Click Evernote Format
4) Give the title a name.
5) Click Export.

You may also export your files to your personal Evernote email address if you wish.    Just select the the Mail tab and enter your personal Evernote email address.

Evernote is a free app that you can download to your computer and your device. It needs to be installed on both. After installing Evernote on both your computer and your device, start up MasterCook. Select your recipes. Use the Export and Mail command from the File menu. Use the 'Evernote Format' export option in that window.

To export a shopping list to Evernote, view your shopping list in MasterCook. Use the 'Export Shopping List to Evernote' command in the File menu. Make sure you have checkmarks in the NEED column in the shopping list as well.

When exporting items to Evernote, they appear within a folder in the Evernote program on your computer. You may need to drag those items to a shared/public folder in Evernote. Otherwise, Evernote won't synch your items that are within a local folder. Then synch your Evernote program and synch it on your device as well.

More information on Evernote can be found on their website at:


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