MasterCook 11 and Older

I have an older version of MasterCook. How do I transfer its files into the current version?

MasterCook 11 and older were created by a company that hasn't existed in years. Those versions haven't been supported in a long time. Windows does not allow those older versions to work correctly. Usually it eventually makes your recipes disappear from MasterCook 9 or older because of the incompatibilities. If that hasn't happened to you yet, you are very lucky!

MasterCook 15 is the current version. It can merge your files from the old versions as explained below. However, first you must back up your files. You must also look in a hidden location on the computer in case Windows placed your files there. See these two articles:

The most important thing for you is to locate your cookbook files and back them up. You should be doing that regularly. After you install version 15, merge your files from the backup location and into version 15.

See these instructions for merging your content into version 15:

See these articles about what is new:


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