MasterCook 11 and Windows 10

I can't get MasterCook 11 to fully function with Windows 10. It won't print and has other problems.

MasterCook 11 was discontinued several years ago. In fact it was created by a company that no longer exists. It hasn't been supported in a long time. Windows 10 does not allow any of the older versions of MasterCook to fully function. It has nothing to do with a particular version. MasterCook 15 is the current version and the only one that works with Windows 10. You can merge your content into version 15 as explained below.

MasterCook 15 is normally $39.99. However, as a previous MasterCook user you are qualified for an upgrade price of $29.99. Furthermore, it's on sale right now for only $23.99. That discount and price will be reflected in the Total at the bottom of your shopping cart. You can purchase the upgrade here:

The upgrade is the full/complete version and places a download link in your Account page at that you can use in the future to reinstall or when you get a new computer. You can even save it to your computer and to disk to make your own backup copy of it for future use.

See these instructions for merging your content into version 15:

See these articles about what is new:

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