Nutritional Information in and Mobile Apps

While I can find the nutritional analysis in MasterCook 15, how do I find the same at and in the mobile apps?

You can only perform a nutritional analysis with the more complete, robust Windows product. It's the only one powerful enough to do that. You can copy the text in the Nutrition tab of your recipe in MasterCook 15 and paste that into the Directions or Notes, and then sync that so it's with your recipe online. To copy the nutrition in MasterCook 15, open a recipe in the recipe edit view. Click on the Nutrition tab underneath the ingredients. Copy that text. Paste it into the Directions or Notes or elsewhere in the program.

Please see this article that explains the differences in the MasterCook products:

See the comparison chart on this web page too:

MasterCook 15 is the most powerful, robust product.

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