Sugar Not Listed in Nutritional Analysis and Ingredient List

Why aren't sugars included in the nutritional analysis and the Ingredient List in MasterCook?

MasterCook uses a version of the USDA database that does not list sugars separately. Instead they are part of the Total Carb count in the nutritional analysis in MasterCook.

In a future product we plan to overhaul the Ingredient List/nutritional analysis in MasterCook to include new fields in MasterCook such as sugar and those that kidney disease patients must also track such as phosphorus. We also plan to keep in mind the new rules from the FDA with labeling laws:

However, we have currently added a new nutritional tool to that lists sugar as its own field. We are still building this feature out. See here:

Thank you for your feedback. We use it as we continue to develop the product. There is much we want to get done in MasterCook.

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