My MasterCook Manager Will Not Load and Display

My MasterCook Manager will not load and display.

Using the Windows Task Manager I can see it displayed as a background process but it will not display on the screen.

The last time I used it, the Mastercook Manager froze while syncing recipes. I had to close the program using Windows Task Manager. Since then it hasn't worked.

I tried resetting the Mastercook Manager by following your instructions under support but could not find the three files and yes I have turned on "display hidden files".


When you uninstalled did you restart your computer and delete the folders that remained behind? If not, you would be left with a corrupt install and your problems would remain. Can you please uninstall one more time? Backup your files first to another disk or drive. After uninstalling restart your computer as prompted. Make sure to delete the leftover folders as mentioned in this article:

Then close all programs and disable your antivirus so nothing corrupts the installation. Let me know if this installation works before you attempt to add your own files.

Thank you, thank you, thank you... I followed your directions on how to uninstall and reinstall and all is back and running normally.

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